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All the perks of a Director of Planned Giving, with lower cost and fewer distractions.

Tired of the wealth transfer chatter? We get it. Nonprofits struggle to tap into the large opportunities within noncash gifts due to lack of time, resources, and budget.

Introducing fractional planned giving fundraising – Don’t pay us to tell you what to do. Pay us to do the work for you. We’ll run your planned giving program for you. One or Two days a week. We’ll even thank and qualify your long-time donors for a planned giving conversation.

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Imagine a fundraising program where:

  • You are documenting planned gift intentions on a consistent basis.
  • You can outsource one of the highest ROI forms of fundraising.
  • You achieve greater results while minimizing risk.
  • You boost your fundraising without the headache of recruiting and training new employees.
  • Your board applauds you for growing your fundraising program economically and efficiently.

Best of all, it’s easy and affordable.

How We Do it

Outsource as much or as little as you need. Choose from the following options or speak with Joe for more ideas on how we can help you worry less and raise more:

  • Generate more planned giving interest with a consistent planned giving marketing program.
  • Flesh out your planned giving program infrastructure.
  • Personally connect with prospective donors to express gratitude and assess their interest in planned giving.
  • Make joint visits with your gift officers to have planned giving conversations with their assigned donors.
  • Gain confidence in offering noncash gift options through comprehensive training for you, your staff, and your board.
  • Follow up with individuals who have previously expressed interest in planned giving.
  • Benefit from Joe’s expertise on both short-term and long-term assignments, tailored to your needs. No need to hire a full-time staff member.

80-90% of your donor’s wealth is in their assets, not their wallets or checkbooks.

You can help your donor’s have a bigger impact with non-cash gifts.

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Reasons to believe

“It is rare that a consulting partner delivers more than promised, and the expertise of PG Partner ensures that we remain in top form with our donor relations work and achieve excellent fundraising results”.

Lawrence Jacobson
Director of Leadership and Legacy Giving
RMHC Philadelphia Region

“Joe is highly trustworthy and accountable. I’ve put him in front of donors, and they always appreciate his earnest approach.”

Kevin Jameson
Volunteer | President | Chairman
Dementia Society of America®

“Joe is committed to helping organizations realize their philanthropic potential through structured planned giving programs and most importantly, his proven methods to thank and qualify prospects and donors to generate new planned giving conversations."

Doug Kleintop
Associate Vice President of Development
University of Delaware

“I have been close friends with Joe for years. Of our countless conversations there are two common themes. Joe knows fundraising and is one of the best. Yet, he also cares for his clients and is always looking to serve them in the most excellent way possible."

Wayne Olson
Senior Director, Planned Giving
Shriner’s Children’s

"Joe is a consummate professional, highly skilled at equipping gift officers and motivating donors. He has brought significant improvement to our gift-planning program, and I highly recommend him to any organization that wants to take gift planning to the next level."

Charlie Brown, Assistant Head of School
Advancement and Strategic Initiatives

Smiling & Dialing

How many times a day are your gift officers picking up the phone to thank your loyal donors? Joe loves picking up the phone to thank donors, hear their stories and help them feel more connected.

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