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With PG Partner, you’ll receive customized and hands on assistance. Here are the specific services our current and past clients appreciate the most:

Donor Outreach: We specialize in contacting donors to generate new planned gift intentions. Our success lies in engaging loyal donors who are 65 or older, leading to meaningful conversations about planned giving. We will take the conversation as far as you want.

Board Development: We provide an objective perspective and conduct one-on-one interviews with each board member to better understand their involvement and commitment to your mission. We also offer live online board presentations to engage and train your board members.

Marketing: With over two decades of planned giving marketing experience, we deliver fresh and consistent messages in simple and understandable language. Our marketing content highlights the benefits of gift options and their seamless support of your mission. Our relationship with outside vendors also helps identify overlooked leads.

Prospect Strategy: We assist you in utilizing a donor relation management process to track prospects and donors. By working with your data team, we ensure a continuous generation of new prospects for planned giving conversations.

Stewardship and Cultivation: We help you establish a process to ensure all team members interact with donors effectively, from the initial contact to the ultimate gift. Avoid losing donors by providing them with the best onboarding experience possible.

Let us help you take your fundraising to new heights with PG Partner. Contact us today to get started.


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