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Few organizations have goals around planned giving. We don’t want to bet on our donors dying, so I am not suggesting you set a goal for realizing planned gifts. I do, however, suggest goals that lead to and include planned gift intentions.

Here are some examples of simple metrics to help you increase your PG activity.

  • Number of new planned giving donors asked to join your legacy society this
  • Total number of planned giving donors this year—this is great to tie into a milestone. For example, if your organization will be fifty years old in five years, set a goal to get to fifty members to celebrate that
  • Number of planned giving prospects
  • Number of meaningful planned giving
  • Number of planned giving visits per month

Action Steps: 

  • Make sure every fundraiser has planned giving behavior and result metrics.
  • Track and report your progress on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Have fun with it. You can have a contest. Ex: Whoever generates the most of any metrics in each quarter gets a free gift card or lunch.